Monday, December 5, 2011

Psychotherapy Insanity

NETSUKE by Rikki Ducornet

My actual at-the-moment thoughts about the author's viewpoint while I was reading this novel:

"I'm a very talented whacked-out man-hating obsessed-with-sex but very talented bourgeois woman writer with a lot of time on her hands to ponder/wonder/worry about sexual relationships while writing with sparkling prose this obsession about men as sexist self-involved manipulative monsters expressed through the character and voice of a smug smiling well-depicted self-destructive psychotherapist dominating others victims hapless naive putty-in-his-hands sheep including his wife plus a transvestite it's not general truth it's my truth at least it's art at least arty at least it's readable and not too long you may enjoy it."

PUBLISHER: Coffee House Press
REVIEWED BY: King Wenclas

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